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As a part of our relationship with RS Tuning, we are able to offer the RS Tuning remote remapping tool.

Simply plug the interface in between your laptop and your carís OBD diagnostics port, and within minutes you can upload one of our performance maps to give you additional engine horsepower. No cutting, wiring, or other such modifications, simply plug-and-play and enjoy the unlocked performance.

An RS Tuning Custom map is included with every vehicle specific purchase (select your required model from the drop down menu when ordering) that will give instant performance gains between 4 and 60 Horsepower (depending on the vehicle type) , over stock levels. A base calibration will be sent to suit your modifications but we will require data logs so we can customise the calibration to your vehicle.

The tool also gives you the ability to easily change maps as you upgrade to new parts for your car. All possible with a few mouse clicks with the RS Tuner kit !

The unit not only allows reading and writing of the ECU data but full data logging on supported ECUís. This means we can actually custom map your vehicle remotely based on logs provided using the device. The only requirement for a full custom map is that you can provide us with air fuel ratio plotted against RPM.

The price includes the hardware and your first remap.

Further upgrades can be added to the original remap but will require an additional mapping fee, please select this option from the drop down menu and confirm your spec in the comments box, we will contact you with a price before any payment is taken.

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