KTR Clio 2RS 172 Sports Catalyst For 182 Manifold Upgrade

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

Clio 2RS 172 With 182 Manifold Upgrade
New exclusive design for KTR.  Manufactured in the UK and fully TIG welded construction.

We now have available our own sports catalytic converter to allow the Clio 182 manifold to connect to the 172 exhaust system. This interconnects between your existing 172 cat back exhaust system and the upgraded 182 exhaust.

With the sports cat fitted, along with the 182 manifold, a good power increase will be achieved (12+bhp has been recorded) thanks to the superior design of the manifold and the free flowing characteristics of the cats core design. The sports cat is designed to keep the cars emmissions road legal, and within MOT limits, while still giving a power increase. Both pipes are designed to fit to the standard 182 exhaust manifold and to any original or aftermarket 172/Cup cat back exhaust system.

Please note you will also need the 182 manifold to cat fitting kit to insure a good seal between the manifold and cat pipe.

See our exhaust warranty conditions here

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Mat 22-Mar-2019
My 172 failed the mot on emissions as it had a decat pipe fitted, I purchased this sports cat and had it fitted and it's now gone through the mot. It's also quietened the car down a bit and given it a much nicer exhaust note from the stealth cat back system. Wish I'd bought it months ago.

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Q: hello, I want to know if this sport cat for 182 mifolr is compatible with the 172 mk1 exaust systeme? thank you
A: This cat will only fit to a 172 exhaust system if you also have the 182 manifold fitted. If you have the standard 172 manifold you will need or normal 172 sports cat.