KTR Clio 2RS 172 Decat For 182 Manifold Upgrade

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

All Clio 2RS 172 Models With 182 Manifold
We now have available a decat pipe to allow the Clio 182 manifold to connect to the 172 exhaust system. This interconnects between your existing 172 cat back exhaust system and the upgraded 182 exhaust manifold.

With this decat pipe fitted, along with the 182 manifold, a good power increase will be achieved (12+bhp has been recorded) thanks to the superior design of the manifold and the free flowing characteristics of the decat pipe. A point to note is that the car will fail an MOT emissions test with the decat pipe fitted and this is the reason we also have the sports cat version available. Both pipes are designed to fit to the standard 182 exhaust manifold and to any original or aftermarket 172/Cup cat back exhaust system.

Please note you will also need the 182 manifold to cat fitting kit to insure a good seal between the manifold and cat pipe.

See our exhaust warranty conditions here

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Q: Bonjour, Je voudrais savoir sur quel modèle de 172 se monte de dé-cata ? La longueur de celui convient à une ligne de phase 1 ou phase 2 ?
A: Cette piece est en fait pour la collecteur de RS3 182cv qui est monte au RS2 172.