Posted: Wednesday 16th January 2013

We used this years Autosport International show to release some details of some new parts and kits we have coming out in the early part of this year. These include some fantastic new coilover suspension kits as well as a new supercharger kit for the Clio 197/200 models. We also showcased our latest KTR GEN90 ecu application for the Clio 182 and 182 Cup race cars.

Nitron Suspension kits:

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing 2 specs of Nitron coilover kit for the Clio 197/200, Megane 2 RS 225/R26/R26.R and the Megane 3 RS 250/265 models.

The first will be the NTR R1 kits aimed at the fast road and track day driver. They feature both bump and rebound adjustment via their combined built in adjuster as well as fully adjustable ride height front and rear. They are also supplied with fully adjustable top mounts to allow you to set the car up to suit your own driving style. These kits will be priced at £1663+vat.

The second specification will be the NTR Race R3 kits. These are the full on race kits which have been proven on many race cars around the world and as used on the car which set the VLN Nurburgring lap record. These kits feature a piggy back reservoir with independent 3 way adjustment, this gives a 16 click high compression adjustment, 18 click low compression adjustment and a 24 click rebound adjustment. These are also fully ride height adjustable and also come with fully adjustable top mounts. These kits will be available in the same fitments as the R1 kits and will be priced at £2996+vat.

Clio 197/200 KTR Supercharger kit:

During the spring of this year we will be releasing our supercharger kit for the Clio 197/200 models. This is a kit we have been running on our test car for the past few months and once the final part of testing and development has been done we will be set to release the kit. The kit will be based around a Rotrex supercharger and our acclaimed GEN90 ecu which is being adapted to run the engine and dash in the 197 and 200 models. This will make the kit a simple DIY fitment or there is always the option to have the kit fitted, set up and mapped in our Dorset based workshop. On our test car the kit has produced a reliable 243bhp and 210lbs/ft of torque - quite a significant gain over the standard car. The kit price will be £4163+vat and more details and pictures will be released as we get close to the release date.

KTR GEN90 for Clio 172/182 Cup Race cars:

As we own a Clio 172 Cup race car it was always clear to see that tuning the engine in order to produce more power was goign to be very difficult using the standard Magnetti Marelli ecu. The ecu itself is very difficult to tune and the fact that is also operated all the dash functions meant that if we wanted to change the ecu we would also have to change the dash.

With this in mind we have set out to get our GEN90 to run the engine as well as fully control the dash as per the standard MM ecu. This allows us to then tune the engine however we choose whether that be with cams, ITB kit, turbo or even supercharger kit but at the same time still have the standard dash running as normal. With our new Cup Race fitment this is now possible with the GEN90 ecu.

For this race car application the ecu is supplied with a motorsport spec direct replacement patch loom, GEN90 ecu, comms lead and our GEN Tuner Pro tuning software. The price for this kit will be £1495+vat.

For more details of these parts as well as more new parts coming soon (KTR Clio 197/200 induction kit for example!) please "like" our Facebook page.