Posted: Thursday 1st November 2012

We have been working on a few new induction kits for various Renaultsport models and these are now starting to become available to buy through our website.

The first car we chose to work on was the Clio 172 and 182 models. In the past we had seen all types of kits fitted to these cars and most just produced a lot of noise and lost power. After hours of dyno testing we came up with our final design which you can now read more about here: 

Next for our attention was the Megane 225 and R26 models. This was a little more tricky due to the limited space, but again many hours on the dyno allowed us to come up with an effective solution. Details of the kit can be seen here: 

Next up will be the Clio 197 and 200 models and then the Twingo RS. We have finalised the design of the 197/200 which will be going into production in the next few weeks. Dyno testing has shown good gains and further details will be released soon. Then we will move onto the Twingo RS, we have a new set of cams to test in our own car over the next couple of weeks and once these are fitted and tested we will be looking at the induction kit, with an expected release date of early next year.