KTR Clio 197/200 Megane 225/R26 engine conversion details.

Posted: Monday 13th August 2012

We are getting many more inquiries relating to the Megane 225/R26 engine conversion that we carry out into the Clio 3 RS 197 and 200 models, so we thought it was time to give you a bit more details on this upgrade.

In order to carry out the full conversion we use the Megane engine, gearbox, turbo, catalytic converter, exhaust downpipe, wiring loom, ecu, radiator, coolant pipes and air conditioning radiator. Once we have all the parts we can start the work.

Removing the original engine and gearbox and fitting the new engine and gearbox is quite straight forward. We have to do a little work to the upper engine mount to get everything to fit as it should. The Megane water system is installed with a few modifications needed to the water pipes to get them to fit correctly and once this is done the radiators can be fitted. Next up is the intercooler and boost pipes. For this we use one of our Megane 225/R26 upper alloy boost pipes and a custom made lower boost pipe along with our own custom made alloy intercooler. 

Next is the Wiring and Ecu. There are some wiring changes to be made to the wiring loom Ecu connection in order to run the Megane Ecu on the Clio. We also have to transfer immobiliser details from the 197 Ecu to the Megane Ecu to make sure everything works as it should, including Air conditioning, Cruise Control etc. This may sound easy but it is probably the most important part of the conversion and the biggest part to making sure this seems like a factory built car.

There are a few other factors that can be taken into account when considering this sort of conversion. Do you want to use the 197/200 gearbox to keep the costs down? Would you want to have the new engine mapped to around 260bhp when we are testing the car on the rolling road etc? It is also a good idea to fit new cambelt and aux belt kits before the engine goes in as well as check the condition of the clutch and flywheel. Using the 197/200 Gearbox could save up to £500 but please be aware this will give you different gearing to the Megane.

We expect the parts required from the Megane to cost between £2000-£3000 depending on what is available at the time. Our cost to carry out the installation, Ecu calibration, supply and fit of the Intercooler and Boost pipes as well as all the required fluids and Dyno checking will be £2750, all prices include VAT. We would normally need a car here for 2 weeks to carry out this work and we would generally need around 4-6 weeks notice in order to get the parts ready.

Should you need any more information on this upgrade please contact us at info@k-tecracing or workshop@k-tecracing.com