KTR new 197 demo car - this one is Supercharged!

Posted: Wednesday 20th June 2012

Our latest demo car was unvieled at the French Car Show at Donnington Race Circuit on the 17th June 2012.

This is a car we have owned for some time having purchased it as an ongoing project with a blown engine. Shortly after we took delivery we fitted a new standard engine, to which we have now fitted our prototype Supercharger kit along with our GEN90 ecu. The aim of this car is to test and fine tune our Supercharger kit so we will be able to offer this upgrade to our customer all over the world.

The biggest challenge so far has been getting the ecu working on the 197 due to the new software features that have been required compared to the 172.182 fitment. With this now done we are now moving onto the CAN side of the ecu so it will have the capacity to run your standard dash board, something that fitting any other ecu or piggy back ecu will not be able to do.

The beauty of this Supercharger kit is that it keeps that cars standard air conditioning so it will be an ideal conversion for those living in a warm climate, wanting more power from their 197/200 model. That along with the fact it will be supplied with the best plug in ecu available will make it a fantastic upgrade.

Early power testing has seen the kit produce 243bhp and 209 lbs/ft of torque running on the standard engine with low boost. There will be the possibility of running more boost on a forged engine where 300bhp+ should be easily achievable. However we will first be carrying out some high speed and endurance testing very soon with some more figures and videos coming soon. Watch this space!

Other interesting parts on the car are the 18" Evo Corse wheels which features a 48mm offset which helps fill the arches, H&R coil springs on the standard shock absorbers, KTR cat back exhaust system, carbon rear diffuser and a full leather and alcantara retrim. Altogether it is a very nice package which performs as good as it looks.

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