750 Club

The 182 Cup series offer competitors the chance to climb into a very capable car in a controlled, competitive environment. Contested over twelve rounds over the course of seven weekends during the year, the series took on championship status in 2014 and has continued to grow since with grids regularly hitting 25 or more cars.

The base car is a RenaultSport Clio 182 Cup (CB22 chassis prefix). This is denoted by the 60mm hole spacing on the front shock absorbers as well as the enlarged hub assemblies unique to this model and specification. Non-Cup 182 vehicles can be converted to this specification for around £200 if your vehicle does not have the Cup Chassis factory option.

The basic cost of building a car is around £5000 to include all necessary control devices and at this sort of spend level the RenaultSport Clio offers excellent performance and handling on a small budget. Vehicles can be prepared in our workshops to this specification for around £6000 and take around 2 weeks to complete.

For more information on this or any other aspect of the series, please contact Ayshe Sinclair here at K-Tec Racing, ayshe@k-tecracing.com or call us on 01202 820800.

Below is a basic overview of the specification required to enter the series, full details can be found on the 750 Motor Club website

Engine and Drive-train

Engine and gearbox remain in standard specification, retaining the original airbox and inlet manifolds. Engine management is taken care of by our bespoke GEN90R ECU which is loaded with a control calibration developed exclusively for this series. The GEN90R also features an 8mb data logger in built, which both competitors and officials can gain valuable information on performance and or any queries relating to each individual vehicle should a dispute over conformity arise. K-Tec Racing are pivotal in the development and continuing technical support to the series. The use of limited slip differentials is prohibited. An uprated clutch may be used as long as it retains the standard pattern (The use of a paddle clutch is prohibited).


Each vehicle must be fitted with an homologated FIA 6 Point bolt in roll cage with double door bars, one single diagonal cross member is permitted and harness bar for driver is compulsory. An MSA fire extinguisher and engine cut-off switches must be fitted along with external access points. Drivers seat, subframe, mountings and fixings should all be compliant with current MSA regulations. A six point safety harness and a Hans Device must also be used.


The series again has a control suspension setup when it comes to dampers and top mounts. These are a developed set of dampers with a coilover front and rear setup, removing the separate strut and spring setup from the rear of the car giving more balanced handling. Front camber is adjustable to within the limits set by the shock absorbers, rear camber / toe cannot be changed from the standard setup. KTR 750 182 Cup Series suspension can be seen here KTR Solid Top mounts are also mandatory giving sharper handling and feel to the front of the car whilst also improving overall strength, again these can be seen here.


The standard disc and caliper must be retained to both front and rear axles, a racing friction material can be used and brake lines may be uprated. The standard car has ABS, which can either be retained and employed whilst racing, or removed from the vehicle, ABS cannot be in position but disabled.

Wheels & Tyres

Wheels: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 (Compulsory)

Tyres: Yokohama 190/580R15 A048(R) (Compulsory)

Full regulations can be found here...