KTR Universal Oil Catch Tank - With Pipework

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

Universal fitment
The last thing you want on a tuned, or even standard engine will be oily fumes going back into the engine. This can have a knock on effect which can reduce the octane rating of your fuel making the engine more likely to suffer from knock/detonation.

With this in mind we have now put together a universal oil catch tank kit which can be used to vent oil fumes out through the tank instead of through your engine.

The kit uses a very high quality alloy 1 litre catch tank which features movable fittings so the inlet and outlet to the tank can be used on either side, a level tube and a breathable cap. We also supply 1 meter of oil resistant hose as well as a breather filter. It is also supplied with a universal drilled mounting strap (not shown in the pictures) which can be used to mount the tank.

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