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Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

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RenFlash is K-Tec Racing's unique remapping tool.  Using RenFlash we can transfer remapped files, developed here at KTR to our customers all over the world!  Using the easy to use RenFlash interface you can read the factory file from your vehicle, email it to us, along with your vehicle specification, and receive back a tuned file to upload to your vehicle.  It really is as simple as that! You can also use the RenFlash lead to put your standard file back onto your car at any time and change between the different files as often as you wish.

RenFlash is now available for the Twingo RS and more models will be added very soon.

Twingo RS - all models

File options:
  • KTR ecu remap (1)
  • Remap for KTR 2.5" exhaust system with manifold(2)
  • Remap for KTR camshaft upgrade (3)
  • Remap for KTR camshaft upgrade and full 2.5" system with manifold (4)

Included with every RenFlash kit is a KTR USB Drive, featuring a full length instruction video, RenFlash software, RenFlash Drivers and enough storage to keep your tuned files safely backed up!

Your initial purchase price includes 1 x Tuned File.  So for example, if you have a Twingo RS, firstly you may decide to go for the KTR Performance Remap, this is included in your initial purchase cost.  If you then removed the catalytic converter for race use, you would then need the Decat Remap, this would be supplied at an additional cost of £149.00 + VAT and each file thereafter.

Remaps to take into account different octane fuel and climatic conditions are also available.

RenFlash is available from stock
You can now order additional RenFlash tuned files from the drop down box. If you have a RenFlash unit and would like to order a new custom tuned file please contact us at renflash@ktrsport.com

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Deadly_viper 2-Mar-2016
Excellent map for the twingo rs, makes the car feel a lot more responsive and pulls much better in higher gears. There is less of a dip in power when pulling away too. Have not seen any better mpg but that may be because I'm enjoying the power more.

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