KTR Clio 2rs & Twingo 2rs Race Wheel Stud Conversion Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR Sport

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This kit comprises of the following:

  • 16x - M12 x1.5 to M12 x1.25 Conversion Studs
  • 16x - M12 x1.25 Steel Wheel nuts

Available with stud lengths of 100mm, 82mm or 68mm

Converting your car to studs as opposed to wheel bolts has several benefits but the most important are the following:

 Safer wheel retention
- We often see after as little as 15 minutes on track the standard Renault wheel bolts can come lose causing steering vibration and potentially the wheel coming off the car!  The excessive heat generated on track can cause expansion of the wheel and hub assemblies, which during cooling contract reducing the tightness of the wheel bolts. You will notice that all competition vehicles are fitted with stud and nut wheel retention.

Speed of wheel changing - With studs as a guide replacing a wheel is quick and easy, this is particularly helpful in pitstop environments or indeed in the paddock on your track day.

Stud selection:

100mm - studs are suitable for vehicles using wheel spacers 19mm and above or wheels with larger hub mountings
82mm - studs are suitable for vehicles using wheels spacers up to 18mm
68mm  - studs are a direct replacement for standard use wheel bolts

Studs supplied are 10.9 Grade Strength Class and bullet tipped to avoid cross threading

Each kit is supplied with a tube of Loctite 270 Thread locker.

*Please note, this is a Motorsport product and therefore does not come with a warranty*

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