KTR Fuel Swirl Pot Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR Sport

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A common problem with RenaultSport models is the fuel swirl pot in the tank sender unit is quite small.  In higher power vehicles and cars subject to extended lateral forces caused by cornering at speed, the engines demand will empty the in-tank swirl pot very quickly yet it is not being replenished as centrifugal force is pushing the fuel load to the extreme edges of the fuel tank.

To combat this you need to ensure a header of fuel is constantly available for the engine to draw from.  This external swirl pot kit does exactly that. The in-tank pump lifts the fuel in the aluminium swirl pot (available in 1 litre or 2 litre variants), the fuel is then pumped through the external bullet filter and onto the engine by the second high pressure pump, again mounted externally.  This set up ensures the engine has up to 2 litres of fuel constantly available on demand. Owing to the shape and design of the swirl pot it is impossible for fuel starvation to occur.

We strongly recommend this setup for Megane 2 RS models used regularly on track as these are notorious for fuel starvation on fuel levels of half a tank or less!

We recommend 2 Litre swirl pots for turbo charged vehicles at 300BHP +.  1 Litre is suitable for normally aspirated models.

Kit contains:
  • Aluminium base mounted swirl pot (1 or 2 Litre)
  • High pressure Sytec motorsport external fuel pump
  • Billet CNC Fuel pump mounting bracket
  • CNC Bullet Motorsport fuel filter

Fuel hose not supplied as every application will vary

Fuel Pressure regulator, if required - Additional £79.00 + VAT (if applicable)

*Please note, this is a Motorsport product and therefore does not come with a warranty*

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