KTR Sport Mini-catalytic Converter.

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR Sport

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We now have these mini cats available to help keep emissions lights off when a decat pipe has been fitted.

This is a very small catalytic converter which screws in place of your downstream lambda sensor. The lambda sensor then screws into the mini cat and sits behind the catalytic substrate housed inside the mini cat. This makes the car think that there is a cat fitted before the downstream lambda and this results in the emissions light being kept off.

We have successfully tested this method on several cars including our own Megane 3 RS 250. When we first had our 250 decatted it took around 1 week for the emissions light to come on. Once the light came on we fitted a mini cat to the downstream (second) lambda and within a couple of days the emissions light went out. It has stayed out for the last 9 months.

This is a universal part and an angled adapter may be needed in some cases depending on the clearance you have around the location of the second lambda sensor, at present we do not have these adapters available but many of the Renault models we have fitted this part to have not needed an adapter. This part is not guaranteed to allow your car to pass an emissions test if you have a decat pipe fitted.

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Manfredas 29-Jan-2016
Fitted this to my Megane 2.0 TCE180, 2008m. on KTR MEGANE 250 & 265 3 INCH BORE DECAT PIPE.
running already for 1 week, no errors on ECU have appeared.

big thanks to: Sales Manager Ayshe Shakir

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