KTR Megane 2RS Group-N Uprated Engine & Gearbox Mounts

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

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Following the success of our Clio 2 RS uprated engine mounts we now have our uprated engine mount set available for the Megane 2 RS. All 3 mounts available will fit the Megane Sport models from 2004 - 2009 including the 225, F1, R26 and R26.R.

The 3 mounts available are the upper engine mount, upper gearbox mount and lower engine stabiliser bar that sits under the engine. The 3 mounts use uprated rubber bushes to give the engine far better support than the OE mounts while still keeping vibration to a minimum. In fact the mounts are so effective that the upper engine stabiliser bar is no longer required once the set is fitted.

Once fitted you will notice a very slight increase in engine vibration but this is very minimal and in no way effects how the car drives, in fact once you have driven the car a couple of times you will not notice this at all. What you will notice is how much more direct the engine response is to throttle input as there is virtually no engine movement, making the car feel very tight and responsive. We have a set fitted to our demo R26 and the difference the mounts has made is superb, they are certainly a very worth while upgrade on a tuned car as well as a standard car with softening standard mounts.

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 (9/10)  Submitted by: GH 12-Dec-2011
I've had the full set fitted to my R26 which also has a 3' exhaust and remap by KTR.

I had the mounts fitted as my old mounts were getting a bit soft, and I decided to go for an upgrade rather than a straight replacement.

I used to get a feeling when changing gear that was not dissimilar to mild 'turbo lag', which must have been the old softer mounts momentarily absorbing torque. This has been completely eradicated and has made gear changing quite addictive. I'm sure shift times have been reduced.

The effect is most noticeable when using on/off throttle to change the balance of the car in corners. The effect is incredibly responsive and has sharpened an already sharp handling car.

There are certain conditions where the vibrations are more noticeable, typically on start-up and as the car is decelerating slowly. I would also say that more of the engine noise is transmitted but this certainly isn't a bad thing in my opinion. I use the car every day for a 50 mile commute and it is perfectly comfortable.

In summary, one of the best modifications I have ever done. Probably because I wasn't expecting such a good result. It isn't the cheapest modification, but if your old mounts are on the way out, it's thoroughly recommended!

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Q: Hi, will these mounts fit the 175?
A: No, the mounts on the Diesel model are different.

Q: Hi there, Just wanted to know exactly what mounts are part of the package, is it all of the ones listed? Thanks
A: Hello, the package is made up of the 3 different mounts. These are the upper engine mount, upper gearbox mount and lower engine stabiliser bar. I hope this helps.

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