KTR Clio 3RS 4 Point Bolt In Rear Roll Cage

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

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For those wanting added protection when they are on track we have produced our KTR bolt in 4 point cage for the Clio 3 RS. The cage has been designed to bolt in using existing mounting points in the rear of the car so no cutting, welding or drilling is required in order to install the cage and also includes the harness bar. 

In order to fit the cage you simply need to remove the rear seats and bolt the cage in its place using all the fittings supplied. This makes the installation very quick and easy so it is very simple to refit the seats after your day on the track.

The cage is made from 44mm cold drawn steel and it is available powder coated in red, black, white, blue and yellow for UK customers.

Export customers outside of the UK will receive unpainted cages which will need to be painted/powder coated as we cannot guarantee paint will not be damaged in transit.  Please specify in the drop down menu.

It has also been designed to be packaged flat to keep shipping costs down overseas.

If ordering online please specify your colour option in the comments box when checking out (Uk customers only).

These cages are made to order and will take around 4-5 weeks


*Please note, this is a Motorsport product and therefore does not come with a warranty*

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