KTR Clio 2RS PTFE Inlet Manifold Gasket Set

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

All Clio 2RS 172/182 Including Cup & Trophy Models
Clio 172/182 PTFE Inlet manifold gaskets These come as a set, included:

Cylinder head to lower manifold gasket (1.0mm thick)

Manifold to plenum gasket (1.5mm thick)

The main advantage for fitting the KTR inlet gaskets is keeping the induction temperatures as low as possible.

PTFE is an excellent insulator and by using it as a gasket keeps the heat away from manifold and helps stop heat soak, thus keeping the route of the air to the engine as cool as possible.

The reason for keeping the temperatures down is simple, the colder the air, the more air you can get into the engine and directly the more power the engine will produce.

PTFE is also chemically and abrasion resistance and is unaffected by oil, fuel, water and temperatures stable upto 260 degrees.

Price is per pair.

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