KTR Clio 2RS Coilover Suspension Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

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This coilover suspension kit has been developed exclusively for K-Tec Racing for the Clio B RS (172/182) models. We have had a fantastic response from many, many customers who have fitted this kit to their cars and it is sure to be the best selling kit available for this model. Features:

> Fully adjustable ride height both front (-60mm) and rear (-45mm)

> Fixed fast road sports damping for improved handling

> Built in front camber adjustment including 2x camber bolts - 90NM

> Zinc plated corrosion resistant shock bodies

> 2 year limited warranty

> 2x C-spanners for height and preload adjustment on the spring collars 

> The 54mm kit fits all Clio 2RS 172 & 182 non-Cup models and the 60mm kit fits all 182 Cup and 182 models with Cup pack.  

Please note we are currently out of stock of the 54mm hole spacing coilover kits but they will be back in stock early September 2019!

All Clio 2RS 172 including Cup and 182 non Cup chassis models have a 54mm hole spacing between the bolt hole for the front shock mounting to the hub. All Clio 2RS 182 models fitted with the Cup pack (grey wheels as standard) will have a 60mm hole spacing. If in doubt please measure your hole spacing before ordering for a 182.

KTR Solid Top Mounts can be seen here: click here these are a direct fit to this coilover kit but do require modification to the strut tops of the car during installation.  

*Please note these are currently out of stock until mid October 2019 *

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Adam Clatworthy 15-Apr-2019
Recently just purchased these coilovers to replace my 172CUP shocks and cooksport springs and they are superb! Perfect for a daily!!

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Shahab 21-Jul-2011
I had this kit fitted to replace the standard 182 suspension and would highly recommend it. The KTR team were very helpful and friendly and this kit is fantastic value, and has so far performed very well.

 (9/10)  Submitted by: Dobby 6-Jan-2011
For the money this kit is absolutely top knotch. Easy to fit and makes a massive improvement on look but more inportantly on the handling. Its a shame that the damping rebound etc isn't adjustable but what can you expect from that awesome price! Lowest setting looks coolest but scrubs on front quite a lot especially with new tyres. Lifted mine a bit now and it still looks ace and handles like its on rails. Great modification and worth every penny. Dobby :)

 (9/10)  Submitted by: craig  30-Apr-2011
very good value for money, looks sweet on a set of 15s

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Q: Do you need to buy the top mounts to fit this suspension kit?
A: No, the kit will fit with the standard top mounts.

Q: Hi, Would it be possible to provide me with the weight of the KTR coilover suspesion kit? the reason I ask, is because I would like to know if it is light enough for my mate to tranport it in his luggage from the UK to South Africa? Otherwise, if you reckon that it would be too heavy and risky, then what would it cost to have it shipped over to South Africa with the KTR alloy suspension top mounts and the KTR rear camber shims? Many thanks & look forward to hearing from you, Joel
A: hi there, many thanks for your email. The KTR suspension kits weighs around 22kilos. I am not too sure if this would be too heavy to take back as luggage. If you wish for us to send it direct to you, then the shipping would be 130GBP. It should be with you in around 5-7 days., Kind regards anthony

Q: hi, does this kit come with camber adjustment bolts? thanks
A: Yes this kit includes camber bolts to allow you to easily adjust the front camber settings.

Q: Hi, what are the spring rates for this kit? Thanks
A: The spring rates for this kit are: Rear springs: 46N/mm = 260lbs/inch Front springs: 59N/mm = 335lbs/inch

Q: Will this kit fit both phase 1 & phase 2 172?
A: Hi there, yes these will fit both the 172 ph1 and 172 Ph2 models as well as the Clio 182 Non-Cup models. Only the 182 cup has a different fitment.

Q: I need to replace a locking ring on one of these I bought from you last year. Do you sell spares or can you tell me what size and thread pattern they are? Cheers
A: Spares are available through our mail order team. If you give them a call they will be able to help you with this.

Q: How can these coilovers be adjusted at the rear ? The shockk and spring are separate are they not
A: Hello, there is an adjustable platform which sits under the rear spring and this can be adjusted to alter the ride height.