KTR Bolt In Alloy Suspension Top Mounts

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

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One way to help improve the handling on your car is to remove any excessive movement. By fitting these new alloy solid top mounts, strut top movement is eliminated resulting in more direct handling. They work by replacing the standard rubber top mount and bearing which results in much less movement at the top of the shock absorber. This also has the added effect of stopping the top strut knocking which many Clio 172s and 182s suffer from while at the same time not effecting the quality of the ride.

This new bolt in design takes these mounts to the next level in handling improvement. By bolting through the top of the car's suspension turrets these mounts completely eliminate strut top movement while still allowing smooth rotational movement due to the built in rose joint top bearing. Full fitting instructions are included and for an easy installation and just 3 x 8mm holes need to be drilled in each turret to allow the mounts to be securely bolted to the car. These are a superb upgrade and the best value, and performing, mounts on the market.

These will fit with all standard and aftermarket suspension kits and are sold as a pair.

These top mounts will fit all Clio 2 models from 1998 to 2006 (including Clio B RS 172/182 models) as well as the Clio V6 and all Twingo 2 models including the Twingo RS, Twingo GT and 75bhp 1.2 16v models.

Service kits are now available for these mounts. 

The kit includes:

2 x replacement bearings - 2 x seal ring shims - 2 x retaining circlips.

*Please note, this is a Motorsport product and therefore does not come with a warranty*

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Adam 23-Jul-2013
Good bit of kit stops any movement and helps toward a more involved cornering feel thanks k-tec

 (9/10)  Submitted by: CharlesK 1-May-2011
Fitted a set of these on my 182 cup, because the oe top mounts were knocking. Tried a few fixes before since I was reluctant to use solid top mounts, but none worked 100%. So got a set of these and fitted them. Silent!!
Easy to fit, quality seems good (time will tell) and the top colar is a nice touch for the cars that had the Renault bodge of the turrets.
I've got the added bonus that steering now seems a bit sharper/more direct too.
9/10 from me. Would of been 10/10 if they had some adjustability for camber/caster but no big deal that they don't

 (10/10)  Submitted by: toby dobbins 5-Jan-2013
Absolutely amazing product, easy & quick to install and has stopped the knocking of the oe top Mount's :) it makes a massive difference to the steering, so direct and pin sharp would recommend this product all day long. Thank you so much k-tec great product and great service big thumbs up.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Richard Parsons 9-Mar-2013
So Far, so good - 10/10.
They were pretty easy to install and have only been on for a few hour hours but what a difference !!!!!!!!!!!!!.
First time since i bought the car in late 2011 that i have been able to pull off and accelerate very hard without a bang or knock from the front end of the car.
I tried everything from changing the standard top mounts to using washers and spacers to take the play and movement out, i even had new spacers made by a good friend who is an engineer to go between the rubber doughnut and the bearing underneath and again no success - i had about as much as i could take from it.
These may seem quite expensive but worth every damn Penny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you KTEC these are amazing and every clio owner from a 1.2 to the sport ranges should be buying these.

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Q: I have a clio 172 cup 2003, there seems to be a creaking noise when on full lock. I have read on cliosport.net that this is a common issue but will fitting these resolve this problem or is there something else that will. Thanks for your help.
A: Hi yes this is a common problem and yes it should fix the issue as well.

Q: Hi, I have the old style (gold colour) solid top mounts which I bought back in 2009. Is the repair kit you are offering compatible with my parts or is it different? Thanx!
A: Hi Razvan, Our repair kit is compatible with the older style KTR solid top mounts.

Q: Will these fit on a ph1 1.2 16v?
A: The Solid Top Mounts will fit all of the Clio 2 range, Sport or otherwise, regardless of whether it is a phase 1 or a phase 2. Hope this helps.

Q: are these adjustable for camber?
A: No, the mounts do not offer any camber adjustment. For this we use the camber bolts.

Q: Hi there, do these work in conjunction with a strut brace?
A: Hello, yes please see our new brace which can be seen here: http://www.k-tecracing.com/show_product.asp?id=4932&appid=2

Q: Two things. Firstly, do these lower the ride height of the car at all? And if so, how much? Secondly, can these be used on the rear top mounts as well as the front? Thanks.
A: Hi, no these will not adjust the ride height at all & can only be fitted to the front.

Q: hi there basically my oem top mounts/bearings are knackered the rubber doughnut is rotten bearings are dry, will this product replace all of what is there at the moment including rubber doughnut bearing and spacer? as i though maybe this is the part on top of the chassis? thanks sean
A: Hello, yes these mounts will replace all of the standard parts, you will not need any other parts to go with them.

Q: Hello, Does these topmounts fits easy on a twingo rs133 gordini? Thanks, J.
A: Yes these top mounts will easily fit the Twingo RS133 Gordini.