KTR Twingo Rs Exhaust Systems

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

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Now available is our KTR stainless steel Downpipe or Cat Back exhaust system for the Twingo 2 RS models. Suitable for both Standard and Cup Chassis models, this system offers a sporty exhaust note, 2.0" Mandrel bent tubing and a choice of tail trims.

Down Pipe Back - Quiet (includes rear silencer, centre section/over axle pipe, link pipe and downpipe)

Cat Back - Louder (includes rear silencer, centre section/over axle pipe and link pipe)

Standard exhaust: Idle 64db,  4500rpm 75db

KTR Downpipe back system: Idle 66db,  4500rpm 81db

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Martin powondra 17-Apr-2012
I ordered the catback System and it fits perfect and sounds really good for everyday use.
Also thanks for the good service.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Oli Morris 6-May-2010
Purchased a full cat back system recently and it sounds great.
Can notice the car revs more freely than before, nice sound, ran it without the downpipe for a couple of weeks and then fitted the downpipe at a later date, there really is a big difference in noise. I like it but I think it might be a bit much if I was using the car on a long commute. I found that while the car is still on idle its a bit rough around 3k rpm but nothing a remap shouldnt fix ;)
sounds LOVELY
Many thanks K-tec!

 (8/10)  Submitted by: Jason B 28-Jun-2011
Had a cat back with twin pipes fitted. Love the sound, its great on short sharp blasts on B roads almost Aston Martin like with the low down burble. Can be quite loud so it maybe tiresome on a long run. But overall I love it.
Thanks K Tec.(Please start looking at a turbo kit for this great little car)

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Matt Sells 3-Aug-2011
Purchesed a Cat back system with twin pipes, the exhaust sounds great and was just what I was looking for, I had one or two problems with the garage that did the fitting, but took the car back to K Tec who provided a quality service and fixed the problem at no extra cost.
I would certainly recomend this exhaust to anyone looking for a sportier sound to their Twingo

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Q: I was looking at your twingo rs project and it says you installed a cat back exhaust system and a 200 cell sports cat,is this the cat back exhaust you used?also do you sell the 200 cell sports cats that you used?interested in installing these first before bringing my car to you to be remapped,
A: Yes, thsi is the system we have used on the the project. The sports cat can be installed here onsite but is not a retail product as yet, we install this in the existing manifold removing the OE unit.

Q: hello. i want to order this item but before that i like to know how long does it take to deliver. thank you martin powondra
A: These are usually available from stock, depending on your location between 2-5 days across Europe.

Q: Hi! I'm looking for a new exhaust system on my twingo 2 RS. I want the KTR catback exhaust but it's more expensive than the downpipe one. I thought catback systems were cheaper because there is fewer tubes. Is there an error? Or does the catback system really cost 358 GBP? Thanks.
A: The downpipe back system keeps the standard front down pipe, the cat back system replaces this front downpipe with our own down pipe which does not have a silencer fitted like the standard one does. The cat back system has the extra down pipe which is why it is more expensive. I hope this helps.