KTR/Milltek Megane 2RS 2.75

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Our new KTR/ Milltek cat back exhaust systems is now available for all Megane 225 and 230 models. This system constructed from 70mm bore stainless steel, and is mandrel bent to improve gas flow. It features our unique 3" round tailpipes and a small rear silencer to give the system a more purposeful sound compared to other systems currently available. It does this while still remaining restrained inside. It has also been designed to be a perfect match with our decat pipe should you wish to decat your car. As with all our systems is comes with our full lifetime warranty.

Our KTR specification Milltek rear silencer, with round tailpipes, is now available to buy separately and it will fit onto all Milltek 225/230 exhaust systems with no modifications needed.

This new cat back system weighs 17.9 kg

This system will fit all 3 and 5 door petrol RS models but will not fit the diesel RS 175DCI.

See our exhaust warranty conditons here

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Phil 12-Jul-2015
Rear KTR silencer added to my current Milltek cat-back exhaust, not de-catted. Great exhaust sound and burble off throttle, love it!

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Jo Malkin 9-Apr-2010
Very happy with the system :D

 (10/10)  Submitted by: alec davies 13-Jun-2018
Had this fitted yesterday,so happy with it,sounds and looks amazing,bargain at that price

 (9/10)  Submitted by: Keith Wardle 7-Jun-2010
System sounds fab.... but would of liked it a bit louder and more rumbling.

 (9/10)  Submitted by: Jason 21-Feb-2014
At last my 225 cup has some character, great sound not too loud in the car, well worth the money, next step a remap.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Peter 9-Nov-2011
Very good quality, all fitment parts included, simple to change and fits absolutely perfect. Great sound and nice rumbling. Kinda quiet till 2500 rpm = good for highway or longer trips.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Heath mac 25-May-2012
Amazing sound everytime I start my cup megane, not boyish but professional meaningful sound as Renault should have done.... Big performance change too, couldn't be happier...

 (10/10)  Submitted by: sean 10-Feb-2011
sounds amazing worth every penny,must get purchase

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Sorin 8-Aug-2018
Today I installed the exhaust system 70mm and the catalyst on the Megane 2 R26. They fit in fixed, and the sound is superb. Finally the engine is breathing now! Thanks KTR.

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Q: hello, is this a full exhaust system or just the back box regards sean
A: This is a complete cat back exhaust system.

Q: hi, i have a megane 225, and im not happy wit it atall, i think it is because its to quiet im use to owning a impreza ..how dose this exhaust sound?and dose it give any more power?
A: This is the louder of all the exhausts we offer and it gives the car a deep sports exhaust note which is not too loud inside the car. Dyno tests have shown this system will also add upto 7bhp to a standard car.

Q: My megane cup has already been re mapped with your panel filter. If I fitted this exhaust would it require another remap?
A: No you should not need another map from fitting just a cat back system to your car.

Q: bonjour je serait interesser par le silencieux seul s'adapte t'il sur la ligne d'origine et est t'il livrer avec le colier ? merci cordialement mathieu
A: Bonjour, Notre lignes sont pas compatible avec les lignes d'origine (apres catalyseur). C'est necessaire a prende la ligne d'échappement complète.

Q: I have a megane 225 trophy. Is this system all ready to bolt on? As in the hangers and everything are already positioned so the exhaust will hang right? I.e fittable by myself haha
A: Hello, yes the is a very straight forward bolt on system designed to fit to the original hangers apart from the right hand tailpipe section which comes with a new hanger supplied with the system.

Q: Hi I jut wondered if you know how loud this is compared to the 3 inch system. Thank you
A: Hello, this system is slightly louder than the 3" system as it uses a smaller rear silencer.

Q: Hi I'm interested in this exhaust, will this improve my car if I stick to using the standard cat on the car? I don't want to buy it if I have to decat the car obviously cause of the emission fail Thanks marc
A: Hello, this is a great system and you will still get some power gains when using this system with the standard cat still fitted. I hope this helps.

Q: Hi there, just wondering if you have this exhaust system in stock at the moment? Also do you do forum member discounts? Thanks Chris
A: Hi Chris, Yes we do have this item in stock and do offer forum member discounts.