OBD Hand Held Code Reader

Brand/Manufacturer: KTR

All Renault models with OBD 2
Turn off your own engine warning light and read and cancel any fault codes without paying a visit to the dealer. This unit is very easy to use and comes with an instruction manual that will help you read and cancel any codes that may be stored in the cars ECU due to any running problems etc. It is especially useful if you have a decat fitted as you can switch the engine warning/emissions light off once it does come on, at the same time you can check to see if any other codes have been stored that you may be unaware of as you will have already had the light come on due to the decat. With the code reader you can check to see if you have more than one fault code listed which could help cure a problem before it starts to cause damage.

Please note this code reader has been tested to work on Renault models, many hand held testers do not work on Renault models.


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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Phil 4-Apr-2016
This hand held code reader is extremely useful to check yourself for minor errors which you can wipe off/delete, saves a visit to the garage. I previously had the engine light flash up then go in traffic a couple of times to work, used this code reader. Easy to follow instructions, shows an error code if there is a fault, find the fault reason in the instruction manual included with code reader, resulted as a misfire. Took it to K-Tec with the error code from the code reader and all 4 new fuel injectors replaced. Definitely worth buying one and keeping it your car, it will save you some money. I own a 2006 R26 RS2 Cup.

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Q: will this work on a megane scenic 2001 y reg
A: Yes, the code reader will work on your car.

Q: Will this work on a Clio 172 Cup?
A: Yes this will work on the 172 Cup model.

Q: will this be able to cancel the tyre pressure fault i have from changing my alloys over?
A: No, this code reader only deals with engine management fault codes.

Q: Dear K-Tec, I have a '56 225 Megane sport Cup. I am interested in purchasing this unit, so can you tell me if it is compatible. Many Thanks, Lewis
A: Hello, yes the code reader will work on your car.

Q: Is this unit compatible with 2002 clio sport 172?
A: Hello, yes this will work with all Clio 172 and 182 models.

Q: Will this work on a Megane RS f1-team r26?
A: Yes this will work on your F1 Team R26.

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