KTR Clio 172 Stealth Exhaust System

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This is the second exhaust system to be released as part of our new "Ultra performance" range. These new systems offer the ultimate in performance, sound, quality and fitment and have been completely redesigned as part of our continual desire to offer the best tuning parts available. This new stainless steel cat back exhaust system features enlarged 2.5" bore pipework along with a new design of rear silencer which has been fine tuned to offer a very subtle yet sporty exhaust note that does not become too loud or intrusive at motorway cruising speeds. The 2.5" pipework has been chosen as the 172 engine benefits from a good, free flowing exhaust system (especially if the engine is tuned) while 304 stainless steel has been used due to its superior quality and strength. As with all our exhausts this system will be covered by our lifetime guarantee to give you piece of mind knowing you have purchased a quality exhaust system. As with our first generation stealth exhaust system, this one is neatly hidden behind the rear bumper giving a standard look to the back of the Clio for those not wishing to have a tailpipe on display.

The KTR system is the original and best "Stealth" system available for your 172/Cup.  Available for the Renault Clio  2RS 172 Ph1 from 2000-2001 and the Renault Clio 2RS 172 & Cup from 2001 to 2003.

As featured in Performance French Cars magazine and fitted to their Clio 172 project car. Quotation from the magazine about our Stealth exhaust system: "All told you'd be hard pushed to find a better Clio 172/Cup performance exhaust solution than this". This was backed up by the exhaust producing almost identical power to that of a custom, one off fabricated race system. In fact our Stealth exhaust actually increased torque compared to the race system.

Standard exhaust system weighs 14kg, KTR Stealth Sports exhaust system weighs 12.4kg, Supersports version weighs 9.9kg.

Now also available in a Supersports version for those wanting a bit more sound from their exhaust.

For those that already have one of these systems and fancy a change of volume, it is now possible to buy the centre sections separately from the drop down menu above. (Phase stub and flange not provided)

Sports = quieter version with a silencer in the centre section

Supersports = louder version with no silencer in the centre section.

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 (9/10)  Submitted by: Brett 26-Mar-2010
Have had the K-tec Stealth system on my ph1 172 for six months. Very impressed with the system, makes a nice exhaust note, it still looks like new no signs of wear yet despite the bad winter and all the salt etc on the roads.

Overall very happy with the system, infact sometimes I wish I had have gone for the supersports one as I quickly because used to the sound of the stealth and now want more noise.

 (7/10)  Submitted by: Charlie Holden 8-Apr-2010
Not as ridiculously loud as my old 2.5 magnex, but still pretty loud when accelerating with a de cat. need new plugs before i decide on performance. so quiet when you drop the clutch and roll in at 3 am, even with de cat !!!! so i love it and driving on a hangover is no longer torture, which is why i bought it.

 (8/10)  Submitted by: John 27-Apr-2010
Got the Supersport version on my Ph1 for 3 weeks now.
Fits perfect.
Awsome sound! I like the popping going full throttle.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Javier 21-Jul-2010
This system makes the clio sound like a supercar!! at first I was not so sure that I was going to like it but when I got it fitted and started the engine wow, what an amazing sound. From that moment I got rid of the sound system and never turn the radio on again.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: david 24-Sep-2010
172 CUP

I’ve had my MK 2 exhaust now for 4 months and I think it’s possibly the best upgrade I’ve made so far. Reasons why I believe this are as follows,

Great sound (I went for the louder option) and pleased I did
Improved performance (only a little bit lower end)
Gives the car a meaner look from behind
The misses can her me driving up the street (signal to get the dinner on the table)
And the wife doesn’t like the noise so weekend drives with no ear bashing for driving to fast!

For that last reason alone I think every owner should seriously consider purchasing this product.

Thanks KTR I can now enjoy my cup even more than before.


 (10/10)  Submitted by: Greg 3-Sep-2011
My supersport stealth cat back system is superb!! Took me about 15mins to fit on a ramp, the quality is superb, and the fit is spot on! Sounds fantastic to! Very very pleased!

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Jimi 23-Sep-2011
Absolutely pucker system!, I'm well impressed with it!. The sound is just right, gives the 172 a custom sound all of its own. Superb customer service as usual, the KTR staff are second to none.

I would definitely recommend this system to anyone.

Thanks chaps, you've done it again!.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: frank 13-Jan-2012
hi this is the second exhaust that i have bought from ktec the first one was for my clio 197 and the sound blew me away so when i bought another i knew that it would be good it makes these cars sound as they should i always get looks from people when i fire the car up ktec products are the business and would not use anything else

 (9/10)  Submitted by: Wdg_FR 20-Apr-2012
Had this system fited a month ago and well..
It fits perfectly. Come with all the accessories needed for instalation. The welds are very good.
And simply sounds glorious. Not too loud not to quiet.
An absolute silence IDLE or around 2000 rpm.

In one word perfect.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: gav 4-May-2012
i phoned to order my supersport stealth cat back for my ph2 172, advice knowledge and service were brilliant, fast delivery, now have it fitted and it sounds amazing not too loud like some other direct replacements out there, but a lovely race note when loaded, i would recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade from a standard exhaust,

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Emma 28-May-2012
Had the supersports exhaust for a few months now and I love it.

Loud when you want it to be. Quiet enough on the motorways cruising.

For anyone who does track days my exhaust was 97dcb at 4500rpm.

 (10/10)  Submitted by: DionRS 27-Mar-2014
love this system!( non supersport)
perfect sound! love to right again ( fitted along time still love it)

 (10/10)  Submitted by: James 13-Apr-2011
I'm now on my 2nd Clio 172 cup, my 1st one had a lot of work done by Ktec that i was very pleased with. Mods included brembo and KTR discs, braided brake lines, engine remap, cobra seats and sparco 3 point harnesses. This improved the car dramatically.

Now on my 2nd 172 cup I have recently had the Stealth Supersports exhaust system fitted by ktec and i am very proud with it and the service they gave.

I was able to get this fitted on the day I phoned up about the exhaust, very good customer service.

The system gives the car a much more agressive sound and is less restrictive.

I will next be taking the car back to Ktec for further mods, including a remap to get the most out of the upgrades.

Cheers Ktec.


 (10/10)  Submitted by: Chris 172mk2 6-Oct-2012
Just bought the stealth supersport for my 172 cup perfect fit, and sounds awesome
Would defiantly recommend buying if you want a nice sound when you want it and quiet when on journey.

Very well made thanks k-tec. Good customer service as well

 (9/10)  Submitted by: Richard Collins 11-Mar-2013
Got the supersport stealth the other day and was a little unsure if I had chosen the wright one as I do 50 miles of motorway a day!
When it came (quicker than I expected) it was well packaged and all parts where there.
Fitting was a dream! So easy and quick (about 1.5 hours on my own drive)
Started up a treat and sounded nice, took her out for a spin and thought the tone was just about perfect nice little rumble when ticking over and a little more boom when you put your foot down!
And this is coming from a 30 year old!
In my mind you can not go wrong with this set up!

 (10/10)  Submitted by: Michael Ashelford 5-Feb-2015
Just had the stealth supersports fitted on my 172 cup. Unreal growl. Such a satisfying sound! A must buy!!

Ask a question  Frequently asked questions about this item are shown below. Do you have a question?

Q: Does the silenced section make a big difference with noise?
A: Yes the silenced section will take out 3-4Db from the noise level of the exhaust.

Q: Dear All, Please let me know which are the different between the KTR 172/cup stealth system – Ph1 & 172/cup stealth system – Ph2/cup. I have a clio rs Ph2 year 2002. I don't understand why you have 2 references, for me they are the same. Already thanks for your reply.
A: The Clio 2 RS has two different lengths of catalytic converted depending on Phase 1 or Phase 2. To ensure we send the correct system, we ask the customer to specify which car they have in the drop down menu.

Q: Quel le niveau décibel de cet échappement? Est il homologué sur route? Merci
A: C'est a 78db a 1000RPM est 90db a 4500RPM, c'est pas homologué sur route parce ce que an Angleterre c'est pas necessaire.

Q: Is the exhaust suitable for trackdays with their noise requirements or is the super quiet model more suited?
A: You will be fine with either the sports or supersports version of the stealth system (louder with no centre silencer) at most, if not all UK race circuits. The louder of the two versions, the supersports has a static idle of approx 75db(A) & at 4500rpm 85db(A) At Castle Combe which is one of the strictest on noise limits for their track days the maximum noise limit is 100db(A) which is measured 1/2 metre from the exhaust outlet at 4500rpm. All race circuits should have such information on their websites you can can check before you book.

Q: Just wanted to know, this exhaust says for a 172/cup. ! Does this mean it can be fitted to a standard 172 sport also? I currently have a scorpion exhaust and im already bored of it, way too chavy.
A: Yes this exhaust will fit the standard 172, in fact it fits all 172 models.

Q: Is the stealth exhaust system does it come with or without a decat ?
A: This is a cat back system so it is not supplied with a decat.